Destroyery is a kind of entertainment where people can do things they are restricted to do in everyday life, or may be such things are just hard to do or they may have really bad consequences. With us you are free act in a fun and safe way (although some moralists often condemn us). For example, at Destroyery you can smash a TV with a sledgehammer, take off safety googles, dustdown and go home pleased and relieved. However, Destroyery is not just about crushing things with a hammer. You can come on your own or with your friends and experience a new feeling of freedom and permissiveness like when you were a kid, causing mischief and your mom went off on you for broken thingsat home or your dad smacked your ass for smashing a window.

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Difficulty level: Easy

from RUB 2500

Light action for those who want to have some good time.
Just a piece of cake, even girls can do that! Choose your type of amusement: throw a hammer into a sideboard with dishes or just smash a TV or a computer with a sledgehammer. Don't forget about our girly goodies: we will give you a set of dishes so that you scream and shout while banging it against the floor and the walls! Or you can haul in the belongings of your ex and destroy them, and we'll help you do it in a fun way or even shoot it and upload the whole process to Youtube, if you want.
We can add more dishes for RUB 1000, each new TV, computer or vacuum cleaner will cost you extra RUB 1000. After you have shattered the dishes, you can crush the sideboard into pieces for RUB 1000. You can come on your own or with firends. A session lasts from 30 to 40 minutes.

Difficulty level: Medium

from RUB 8900

The shit is getting serious!
We recreate a real-life mocked room stuffed with items and furniture. What you need to do is choose your gear and wipe it all out. We have 3 different rooms to offer. A simple living room, which will remind you of the first flat you rented with loads of old shit.
Second option is an office-like room, well, a very shabby office, actually, the type of office you will be dying to devastate. Our third room looks like a state institution, like sberbank, or post office or passport office. It will be a good choice for those who love state services
with all their heart and just can not keep their passion inside.  
We can also add any amount of dishes, furniture and appliances until they don't fit the
room. Starting from RUB 1000 to infinity. It is a pleasure ground for a small company of 4 to 5 people. Only two guys at a time can ransack the room, others can make mobile photos and videos and post them to Instagram. Don't forget to add a hastag #deboshme. The session lasts 1 hour. However, there are not many people who can swing a sledgehammer for one hour.

Difficulty level: Hard

from RUB 25000

You are welcome to lash out!
It feels almost like the medium level – same rooms, only twice as big. If you are a Rambo capable of taking down an army and if a small room is not enough for you, you have made the right choice. This is a terrific option for you and your friends who want to lay waste around the place, because 4 people can let loose here at the same time. Well, 5 guys will also do, but it will get a bit cramped.
As usual, we can add some dishes, furniture or appliances starting from RUB 1000 till you run out of money. Come on your own or bring a party up to 7 or 8 people. Four people can demolish the room all at once. We can add items and you will continue having a good time in turns. If you are "skinnie minnie" students, you will surely run out of steam and go home with epic photos on your iPhones, exhausted but very pleased.

Cheap stuff

for thrifty dudes

RUB 7000 – destroy a room with your bare hands

RUB 5000 – arrive with your items and destroy them at our place

RUB 4000 – arrive with your items and destroy them at our place with your bare hands

RUB 3000 – arrive with your items and destroy them at our place with your bare hands and clean up after yourself

RUB 2000 – go to destroy items to some other place, you can do it at home, make a video and send it to us, we will then upload it to our channel

RUB 1000 – destroy items at home, make a video and upload it to your channel

If you are out of cash

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This is how real psychos get unleashed

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How to find us

Our current address is: Moscow, Tankoviy proezd 4, building 32

Entrance from Volochaevskaya 5

The phone is written below in big red characters





The game bears some risks, this is why you are eligible to participate
only if you follow these rules:

IMPORTANT! DEBOSH Destroyery is an intense action packed withrisk, frenzy and fervor.
Be prepared or stay a little princess.